The Daily Pick And Roll (06/24/09)

In honor of tomorrow’s NBA draft I have decided to use today’s Daily Pick And Roll to talk about a guy you’ve probably never heard of but should have.  His name is Lester Hudson and he played the last two seasons for the University Of Tennessee at Martin.  The 6’3” combo guard averaged over 27 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists per game.  He dropped 20 points on both Tennessee and Southern California.  Most guys learn to play the game, but Lester Hudson was born to play it.

Hudson can play at either the one or two positions, though his true ability as a distributing point guard is as of yet unknown- because he scored on the majority of his team’s possessions.  He isn’t a selfish player though, quite the opposite, he loves to make the guys around him better; there just wasn’t another dynamic scorer on the UTM roster. 

How he came to be at UTM is as inspiring as the numbers he puts up.  Hudson grew up in a rough part of Memphis, where he rarely attended school.  The coach at his high school found him in a gym class one day, he got Lester going to classes and playing on the team.  But Hudson was ruled ineligible to play his senior year because of age restrictions.  After losing basketball Hudson began to slip back into his old ways and eventually left school without a diploma.

His coach got him into a junior college where he earned his GED but failed to meet the core requirements for graduating.  An assistant at UTM, and an acquaintance of Hudson’s high school coach, brought Hudson onto campus.  Unfortunately since Hudson hadn’t graduated from junior college, he had to sit out his first year at UTM and take out a student loan to pay his own way.

Now as a senior he is entering in to the NBA draft where he is most likely a lock in the second round.  I personally am hoping Hudson comes in his rookie year and lights it up.


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