The Daily Pick And Roll (6/22//09)

Not a lot going on in the world of college basketball today, but I guess that is to be expected in late June- what great time to start a basketball blog, huh?  There are a few things of note though:


1)      ESPNU is running a College Basketball Cram Session full of games from this past season.  I stumbled across it last night in time to watch the end of the Memphis/Gonzaga game.  It ends tonight at 10:30 CST; but they will be replaying the NBA Combine at 2AM.


2)      Doug Wojcik has agreed to a six year deal with Tulsa.  His record with the Golden Hurricanes isn’t stellar, but they have won at least 20 games the last three seasons.  With Memphis presumably taking a bit of a step back, and Wojcik’s teams improving every year, Tulsa is looking to make some noise in C-USA.


3)      The NBA draft fast approaches and everyone and their mother seems to have a mock draft.  The one thing everyone seems to agree upon though is that Blake Griffin is the number one pick; but after that things get hazy.


Well, like I said, not a lot of headlines today.  Check out this video that is making its way around the blogs.  I think the kid got really lucky, but that is still something to be able to brag about!


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